City Centre

Wellington City Centre is a beautiful public space, bounded on one side by the reflective curving wall of the city library. There is an art gallery, and a spacious brick plaza for public events.

In downtown Wellington in January of 2014, I came across two boys with skateboards tucked under their arms. I asked them if they would come skateboard at this particular spot in the city center for me, and they did.

It was a holiday weekend, and there happened to be a festival in the plaza, so it was crowded. I set up fast and shot blind, not wanting to impose upon the kindness of the skateboarders. I could hear their skateboards hit the ground after jumps, and I hoped I was catching one of those.

I call this shot “Curtain Call,” because not only is one of the lads mugging for the camera in the reflective wall, but the other has just caught on to what he is doing, and so has a passerby.